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Doing Well By Doing Good

Welcome to ManpowerGroup South Africa's Partner page, where collaboration meets impact. We are proud to share our commitment to making a difference through our strategic partnership with the Imvula Education Empowerment Fund.

In July 2014, ManpowerGroup South Africa took a significant step towards fostering meaningful transformation by selling 25% of its business to Imvula. This strategic move was aligned with our dedication to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and has since become an integral aspect of our ethos.

Imvula Education Empowerment Fund, established in 2009 by the Maharishi Invincibility Institute , aims to provide talented yet historically marginalised black youth with quality education and employment opportunities. By doing so, Imvula contributes significantly to the economy in a meaningful and sustainable manner over the long term.

Imvula's beneficiaries are 100% black South Africans, with 62% being female. The Maharishi Invincibility Institute carefully selected them based on genuine financial needs and other considerations. Imvula's comprehensive approach includes education, training, accredited qualifications, industry designations, work experience, jobs, financial support, nutritional assistance, and psycho-social support.

The Maharishi Invincibility Institute, the driving force behind Imvula, has earned 34 local and international awards, securing its place as the most innovative youth development programme globally. This recognition underscores the Institute's commitment to fostering excellence and creating opportunities for the youth.

Imvula is not merely a fund; it's a broad-based BEE development trust dedicated to supporting the youth beneficiaries of the Maharishi Invincibility Institute.

The fund aims to provide historically disadvantaged black youth access to quality tertiary and vocational education and a holistic structure to support their educational and developmental needs.

As part of our commitment to "Doing Well, By Doing Good," 25% of ManpowerGroup South Africa's profits are channelled annually to Imvula. This financial contribution plays a pivotal role in sustaining and expanding the impact of Imvula's initiatives, aligning with our belief that business success should go hand-in-hand with positive social change.

By partnering with the Imvula Education Empowerment Fund, ManpowerGroup South Africa is not just creating opportunities; we are fostering a future where every individual, regardless of background, can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the workforce. Together, we are shaping a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.