Through careful analysis of our client's requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of employment services strategies, which can be utilised individually or in combination to address workforce challenges effectively. From contingent and permanent staffing to talent management, outsourcing, and talent development, our comprehensive solutions tackle the multifaceted workforce challenges of today's organisations.

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We help organisations develop and maintain agility in their workforces, enabling them to respond to changing business demands and market fluctuations and keep pace with the future of work.

Permanent Recruitment Services

ManpowerGroup South Africa's Permanent Recruitment Services offer streamlined processes for direct access to top-notch candidates, saving time, energy, and money. Tailored to your business needs, we understand your objectives and employment trends to provide the best-fit candidates at every level. Our temp-to-perm option ensures the right match before permanent employment. With expertise across industries, including IT, we deliver quality hires who share your vision, enhancing productivity and generating long-term business success. Trust ManpowerGroup for breakthrough solutions in permanent placements, optimising workforce quality and efficiency and, ultimately, driving positive business outcomes.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

ManpowerGroup South Africa offers cutting-edge solutions for attracting and retaining top talent. Through Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), we provide flexible and scalable strategies tailored to your needs. Our expert teams swiftly implement RPO programmes, enhancing candidate experiences, diversifying talent pools, and integrating digital solutions. With a focus on cost predictability, efficiency, and talent quality, our innovative approaches deliver results. Recognised as a Leader in Global RPO for 13 consecutive years by Everest Group, we ensure your organisation stays ahead in today's competitive landscape. Trust ManpowerGroup South Africa for comprehensive expertise in sourcing and attracting the best talent.

Temporary Staffing Solutions

Unlock the potential of your projects with ManpowerGroup South Africa. Our Temporary Staffing Solutions provide access to a pool of skilled professionals tailored to your unique needs, ensuring quicker, more efficient outcomes. With local talent and personalised relationships with your hiring manager, we build a flexible workforce that seamlessly integrates with your operations. Whether a last-minute cover or staffing a new contact centre, our recruitment process enhances your business agility, productivity, and competitiveness while reducing hiring timelines and costs. Plus, our vast talent pool stays ahead of the curve with access to over 10,000 courses on our training platform, ensuring they're equipped with the latest skills for success and always ready to contribute to your success.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

In today's dynamic marketplace, companies face the challenge of efficiently managing diverse contingent workforce sources. ManpowerGroup South Africa's Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers comprehensive global solutions to optimise contingent workforce management through effective people, processes, and technology utilisation. With quality programme management, streamlined processes, and global reach, we excel in overseeing and managing service providers and recruitment vendors. As a top provider of global MSP solutions, ManpowerGroup South Africa ensures cost management, process standardisation, and performance tracking, helping businesses easily navigate the complexities of the contingent workforce landscape.

Reference Checks and Background Verification

Are you seeking comprehensive Background Checks and Vetting services? ManpowerGroup South Africa has you covered! Our tailored solutions handle everything from application processing to interviews and references. We offer a range of checks including Credit, Qualification, Criminal, ID Verification, and Driver's license checks. Trust us to assist with your staffing needs, providing expert consultation every step of the way. With our thorough approach and commitment to excellence, you can ensure peace of mind and make informed hiring decisions. Let us help you navigate the complexities of background screening, providing a reliable and trustworthy workforce for your organisation.


On-demand coaching builds leadership skills, increases employee retention and engagement, and increases worker productivity, which results in greater ROI for employers.

Employee Engagement

Leading organisational change requires more than just taking the first step; it's about rallying your team behind you. Change, whether in strategy, structure, or growth, unsettles employees, leading to stress and decreased productivity. Sadly, 80% of change efforts fail due to misaligned talent. To succeed, proactive support is essential. We empower leaders and teams throughout the change journey, from preparation to execution and beyond. Our programmes equip managers to lead effectively while our career experts guide employees in aligning with the new vision. By rebuilding engagement post-change, we retain talent, reduce retention costs, and accelerate transformation goals.

Employee Branding

Attracting external talent is challenging and costly, especially in today's competitive landscape. The solution lies in nurturing internal talent through proactive career development initiatives. Our structured programmes empower individuals to define career goals, develop skills, and explore internal mobility pathways, ensuring talent retention and organisational success. Studies show that employees crave compelling career paths, with lack thereof being a key reason for resignation. Investing in internal talent development saves costs and boosts retention, diversity, and productivity. ManpowerGroup's 40 years of expertise in empowering career growth enables organisations to enhance internal mobility, strengthen employer branding, and reduce recruiting expenses. Let us help you unleash the potential within your workforce.

Leadership Development

Strong leadership is pivotal for achieving organisational goals. Yet, 89% of executives identify gaps in leadership capabilities as urgent obstacles. The evolving workplace demands more from leaders, yet many lack the necessary support. This unsustainable approach hampers innovation and talent retention. To thrive, organisations require skilled and engaged leaders at all levels. ManpowerGroup, with over 40 years of experience, identifies and nurtures leadership talent through tailored programmes. Our progressive learning initiatives enhance core and advanced skills, leading to measurable performance, engagement, and retention improvements—partner with us to deepen your leadership pipeline and accelerate advancement. Prepare your leaders for the future with ManpowerGroup South Africa.

Coaching Services

Enhance your organisation’s leadership performance with ManpowerGroup South Africa’s hands-on coaching programmes. Our carefully selected coaches, supported by cutting-edge technology, deliver personalised support for immediate improvements. Achieve a 60% performance increase, 20% staff turnover reduction, and 40% promotion rate in the first year. With over 40 years of experience, we tailor coaching to the individuals' development journey, aligning with your talent strategy. Our internationally accredited coaches ensure real-time impact, measured not only by personal growth but also by increased retention and team engagement. Contact ManpowerGroup South Africa to improve performance, elevate engagement, and increase retention for your organisation's success.

Outplacement And Retrenchment Support (Right Management Programme)

ManpowerGroup's Right Management Programme offers comprehensive Outplacement and Retrenchment Support to aid organisations in navigating transitions smoothly. With a track record of assisting over 3.5 million individuals, we prioritise both employee needs and business continuity. Our flexible programmes combine workshops, career coaching, and self-directed learning to empower individuals for their next career move. In today's dynamic job market, outplacement is crucial for employees and firms adjusting to economic uncertainty. Our tailored services, including individual and group programmes, address the evolving needs of employees at all levels, ensuring confident career transitions amidst market transformations.

Areas of Expertise

With a deep knowledge of the skills each sector demands, our consultants and talent agents understand business challenges now and of the future. Combined with our talent retention and upskilling programs, our expertise will help you achieve your business goals.

Business Professionals

From customer-facing roles such as call centres and sales to specialised positions in HR and Marketing, access our growing network of motivated and skilled professionals to keep your organisation running smoothly.



The acceleration of your automation plan
depends on your ability to access skilled
talent who can implement and operate
those technologies. ManpowerGroup has the expertise and community to connect you with the talent you need.



As the finance and accounting sector continues to grow, many organisations are grappling with a shrinking talent pool. We identify, re-skill, and retain the talent that organisations need, ensuring a secure future for your workforce.


Life Science

With a deep understanding of key industries, our consultants can quickly identify the expert talent you need, from lab technicians to healthcare professionals. By tapping into existing and new talent pools, we deliver specialised talent to fill those in-demand roles.


Supply Chain

One small change in the market can cause reverberating effects throughout your supply chain. Organisations rely on us to gain agility and cost control on business-critical projects.