Navigating the Age of Adaptability

Tech Advancement: Augmenting Human Capabilities, Not Replacing Them

As the Age of Adaptability unfolds, ManpowerGroup South Africa, under the leadership of Managing Director Lyndy van den Baarselaar, emphasises the importance of prioritising people in the face of rapid technological evolution. In a world where generative AI is advancing swiftly, ManpowerGroup SA believes technology can be a powerful ally, augmenting human capabilities rather than replacing them.

"Experience has shown us that to harness the full potential of AI for driving growth and increasing productivity, companies must prioritise their workforce", explains Lyndy van den Baarselaar. "As we continue to adopt new ways of working, our challenge is to digitise workplaces while maintaining a human touch. Our goal is to empower individuals to connect, forge meaningful relationships, and innovate responsibly as technology becomes an integral part of their daily work routine."


Putting People at the Heart of AI Transformation

The rise of AI technology is changing the way we work. As a result, many companies are taking a people-centric approach to designing and implementing AI systems. By taking into account workers' needs, abilities, skills, and well-being, these companies recognise the critical role that people play in responsibly shaping AI.

"People must help steer the trajectory of AI transformation," asserts Lyndy van den Baarselaar. "Policy frameworks need to evolve to support this fundamental principle, recognising that workers themselves have a responsibility to contribute to the ethical development of AI."


AI Will Create More Jobs Than It Destroys

While businesses anticipate a 23% churn in jobs over the next five years, between creating new roles and reducing others, there is optimism about AI creating more jobs than it destroys. Technological advancements create opportunities for more meaningful work, provided individuals have the right skills.

"As businesses adapt to AI, humans will power the future of work by upskilling and learning to work with modern technologies," says Lyndy van den Baarselaar. "People should view AI as a chance to augment their technical knowledge and professional capabilities."


The Productivity Paradox: Navigating Human Potential and Advanced Technology

In order to unleash untapped productivity, companies must strike a balance between people and technology, cultivate a positive workplace culture, and foster strong leadership. The potential for AI to drive productivity growth depends on how society responds to and embraces new AI technology.

"Unlocking productivity requires focusing on the right blend of people and technology," emphasises Lyndy van den Baarselaar. "The rise in remote work and the growth of AI are transformative forces, but their impact hinges on societal adoption and effective management."

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